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When A Woman Loves A Man

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Produced and arranged by Bob McChesney. Recorded and released in 2005, Calabria Foti's "When A Woman Loves A Man" is one of the most remarkable debut albums ever produced. Before she became a full-pledged vocalist, Ms. Foti was an in-demand studio musician as a violinist/soloist in Los Angeles jazz scene. Her talent goes beyond being a jazz vocalist, she's also a songwriter and arranger as well.


Backed by a group of fine musicians headed by her husband, a fine trombonist and music professor, Bob McChesney, pianist Matt Harris and saxophonist Pete Christlieb, among others, and a string section consisting of 30 musicians, Calabria Foti interprets in her own inimitable style ten classic songs from the Great American Songbook infusing into every song her beautiful crystal-clear voice and flawless phrasing. There's an ear-candy for every fan -- if you love Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields, "A Fine Romance" is a delightful listen. If you love Sammy Cahn, Jim Van Heusen and Johnny Burke, listen closely to "Like Someone In Love" and "All The Way" where she also plays violin. If you love Ray Noble, there's "I Hadn't Anyone Till You" to enjoy. If you love Harold Arlen and Ira Gershwin, you'll be charmed with "The Man That Got Away" (a medley with "When Your Lover Has Gone" written by Einar Aaron Swan). If you love Rodgers and Hammerstein, you'll also love "This Nearly Was Mine." If you love Johnny Mercer, Gordon Jenkins and Bernie Hanighen, you'll be fascinated with the title track, "When A Woman Loves A Man."


If you enjoyed listening to Peggy Lee's version of "Fever," you'll absolutely adore the way Ms. Foti gives this gem from John Davenport and Eddie Coole a fresh treatment resulting in an impressively beautiful rendition - one of the very best, I would say.


If you listened to this debut album with a smile on your face, you'll certainly love her sophomore CD, A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening, which is making waves at the jazz scene since it was released five months ago. Both CDs are simply overflowing with charms.My ears have confirmed what the great arranger/conductor/orchestrator, Jorge Calandrelli once said about Calabria Foti -- he's absolutely right, listening to her for the first time is like having "discovered a hidden treasure." Amen to that!

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