"In Concert" - video bio w/ interview

"Live at Vitello's" - Trombone Solo Highlights

"Technical Studies for Trombone"

        Bob plays a major scale


NEW    Interview with Bob and Larry Goldings about "CHEZ SEZ" CD

Things You Need

Demonstrate s Live - (I Love You)

The Carnival of Venice

Look at Me

Camille Bertault creates a "Political Debate" - scatting along with Bob McChesney's trombone solo.

with Arturo Sandoval and Tom Scott

Bill Watrous and Bob McChesney

with Tom Scott (part 1)

Ms. Smith

"Ballads and Bossas" Compilation (Part 1)

Dick Nash and Bob McChesney

Big Band trombone Solos

BONE2PICK Interview

w/ Michael Davis - Part Two (of Two)

Guitar Hero - "Meet Me . . . "

"Harmonic Dexterity" - Sneak Preview

I Love You (for 4 trombones)

Bob McChesney Arrangement and Trombone Solo on "Do It Again"

with Calabria Foti  "In Concert"

with Arturo Sandoval

with Tom Scott (part 2)

"Ballads and Bossas" Compilation (Part 2)

BONE2PICK Interview

w/ Michael Davis - Part One (of Two)

Alex Iles and Bob McChesney

Mariel Austin and Bob McChesney

Bob McChesney Plays "28 Vignettes"

a "Split Screen" Duet

TV Spots - Trombone Solos

"Cherokee" feature - rehearsal with Donny Dyess' Rebel Alliance Big Band in Dallas, TX