1) Studies for doodle, Tonguing on a brass instrument, MacChezney, lip slurring, Steve Turre, Robin Eubanks, Jiggs Whigham, slurring on a brass instrument. High register exercises. Clean articulations, Bach 12, King 2B, solo trombone, clean tonguing. Clean attacks. Brass attacks. Trombone concerts. trombone clinicians, Calabria Foti, Chris Botti, jazz performers. Ray Anderson, Slide Hampton, Curtis Fuller, orchestral soloists, Wycliffe Gordon. Doodle tongue, fast technique, modern brass playing, fast articulations, smooth double tonguing, jazz studies, top jazz performers, Trombone Shorty, Bob McChezny, Essential Studies, Jazz Etudes, John Fedchock, Andy Martin, trombone studio, bone men, Michael Davis, Hip-Bone Music, Chesapeake Music, Bill Watrous, jazz publications, Conrad Herwig, fast slide technique, slide trombone studies, top brass players Bob McChesney, Bill Watrous, doodling, double tonguing, triple tonguing, Carnival of Venice, trombone entertainer, trombone soloists.


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3) Lip slurs, tonguing in the upper register, clean articulations, Trombone Shorty, Wycliffe Gordon, Bob McChesney, triple tonguing, doodle, fast slide, jazz tombone articulations.