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A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening

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Produced and arranged by Bob McChesney. Vocalist Calabria Foti explores an evening of romance and passion with a luscious collection of ballads and jazz. Stellar performances by all, featuring Matt Harris, Trey henry, Dick Weller,Larry Koonse, Rob Lockart, Luis Conte, Bob McChesney and a full string section - the perfect companion for any romantic evening.


“This recording of Calabria Foti's voice is some of the most beautiful and artistic music I have ever heard. 
Her heart and mind are on display in every 
well-chosen song. It is a treasure.  What a joy.”
Johnny Mathis


“ . . .  one of the best records I’ve ever heard. Calabria 
has all the technique and musicality you could want, 
and has the ability to tell a story and touch your heart. ”

Johnny Mandel


“Calabria is a gifted artist who puts her unique 
signature on each of these great standards.”
 Chris Botti


“When I first heard Calabria, I felt I had 
discovered a hidden treasure.”

Jorge Calandrelli


“Calabria’s voice is gorgeous, the tracks with orchestra are stunning, and the feel of the record is fantastic!”
Dave Koz

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